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SC18 BoF: Multi-Level Memory and Storage for HPC and Data Analytics

NEXTGenIO's Hans-Christian Hoppe (Intel Corporation) and Michèle Weiland (EPCC, University of Edinburgh) will lead an SC BoF. They will be joined by Kathryn Mohror (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) for a discussion on Multi-Level Memory and Storage for HPC and Data Analytics.

Time: Tuesday 13th November, 5:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Location: C147/148/154

Description: Recent progress in storage-class memory (SCM) technologies combined with emerging workloads mixing HPC simulations with big data processing or machine learning do create a perfect opportunity for innovative HPC systems embracing SCM. These will substantially improve delivered performance, scalability and energy efficiency for data-oriented HPC codes as well as “mixed” applications, and can play a large role in scaling the “I/O wall” when moving to exascale-class systems. This BoF brings together technology providers, application and system SW developers, and system operators to discuss the evolving SCM landscape in the context of specific use cases, emerging technologies, and actual success stories.