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Allinea Software is a UK SME providing world-leading development tools and application performance analytics software for high performance computing (HPC).

Its headquarters and R&D operation are based in the UK, and it has sales or technical operations in France, Germany, Canada and the USA. It has a customer base throughout the world and includes Europe’s leading HPC centres, universities and HPC industrial users amongst them.

Allinea provides integrated profiling and debugging tools which are relied on in fields ranging from climate modelling to astrophysics, and from computational finance to engine design. Its performance analytics software improves the performance and throughput of HPC systems by analysing the applications that are run on them.

Role in NEXTGenIO

In NEXTGenIO, Allinea is tackling the major challenges and opportunities to performance and programmability brought about by the arrival of hierarchical memory and storage types. It works to extend its performance and debugging tools to enable to application developers to exploit the memory more effectively. This means creating the ability to measure and optimize the I/O impact, and supporting the non-volatile RAM programmability extensions for applications within its development environment.

Furthermore, Allinea will integrate its production mode performance tool to feed the resource scheduler to inform and enable more time and energy efficient application deployments.