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Established in 1992, Arctur has progressed to become the main Slovenian commercial supplier of HPC (High Performance Computing) services and solutions. Arctur has its own HPC infrastructure to be used as the technological foundation for advanced HPC and Cloud computing solutions and innovative web services in a distributed, high-redundancy environment. The company has extensive experience in server virtualization and deployment, integration of disparate IT systems, IT support of project management and server farm leverage for the deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS), specialised for small and media enterprises (SME). 

Understanding the importance of continuous progress, Arctur has its own R&D department, registered with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). Arctur is involved in joint R&D projects with research institutes, universities and other R&D organizations from EU and globally, currently we are partners in two FP7 projects from I4MS initiative: Fortissimo and CloudFlow. The research areas covered are directly implemented in various real-life solutions and products, e.g. web and mobile applications, easy to use interfaces for HPC, ICT security and Cyber Physical Systems. Other research areas include applied mathematics, numerical simulations, advanced statistics, and HPC/Cloud computing.

Role in NEXTGenIO

The role of Arctur within NEXTGenIO is to contribute to the architecture design process based on the requirements of a commercial HPC service provider, as well as using their workload as input for the I/O workload simulator and in the testing & evaluation phase.