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Fujitsu deliver a comprehensive portfolio of technology products, solutions and services. This comprises end devices, data centre solutions, managed services maintenance services and cloud solutions. At their factory in Augsburg, Germany, FTS develop and manufacture servers, storage systems, main boards, PCs and thin Clients and operate several high_ security data centers. With 8,000 channel partners Fujitsu has one of the strongest partner networks in the industry.

Fujitsu is positioned at the forefront of the supercomputing space with 30 years of experience in the successful development of high-performance systems. Cooperating with leading research bodies, Fujitsu believe that supercomputing has the potential to solve the world’s greatest scientific challenges. In November 2011, the K computer broke the 10 Petaflop/s speed barrier, winning the number one spot in the TOP500 world supercomputer rankings for the second time.

Major research and development activities for High-Performance Computing take place at Fujitsu Europe:

  • Product planning, development and manufacturing for Fujitsu’s x86 based server portfolio at FTS in Germany; this includes HPC systems such as the PRIMERGY CX400 product line; 

  • Development of HPC software, such as large scale HPC workflow management and the cloud solution Synfiniway; 

  • HPC application support with parallel application laboratories, with current focus on application scalability for the Intel Xeon Phi architecture; 

  • Technical consulting centres providing HPC services through the full system life cycles. With these European HPC development and competency centres, Fujitsu has the know-how, experience and resources in place to support the NEXTGenIO project and thus strengthen the European HPC agenda and eco_ system. The local proximity (in central Europe) of full scale server development capabilities, middleware and application development enables tight interaction within a truly cross-functional research team. For Fujitsu, international cooperation in research and industry is standard and current practice in HPC as documented with examples below.

Role in NEXTGenIO

Fujitsu are responsible for designing the hardware architecture and developing the NEXTGenIO prototype server platform.