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This page will list of all NEXTGenIO’s publications as soon as they are available. Please check for updates regularly.

NEXTGenIO newsletter issue 7 - ISC 2019

This issue of the newsletter has a round-up of some of the most important results of the NEXTGenIO project, as well as a list of the activities in which we are involved at ISC 2019, and an announcement about our upcoming workshop on applications of NVRAM storage to exascale I/O.

echofs: A Scheduler-guided Temporary Filesystem to Leverage Node-local NVMs

The growth in data-intensive scientific applications poses strong demands on the HPC storage subsystem, as data needs to be copied from compute nodes to I/O nodes and vice

GekkoFS - A Temporary Distributed File System for HPC Applications

We present GekkoFS, a temporary, highly-scalable burst buffer file system which has been specifically optimized for new access patterns of data-intensive High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

NEXTGenIO newsletter issue 6 - SC 2018

This issue of the newsletter has a feature on NEXTGenSim, a worksflow and storage aware scheduling simulator, along with information about how to interact with NEXTGenIO at SC18 and details of our new White Papers and recent publications and presentations.

ECMWF’s Extreme Data Challenges on the HPC and Cloud systems

Slides from the presentation given by Tiago Quintino of ECWMF at the Extreme Data Workshop, Jülich, Germany, 18 September 2018.

ECMWF’s Next-Generation IO and Product Generation for the IFS Model

Slides and audio commentary from the presentation given at AMS 2018, 98th Meeting of the American Meteorological Society Fourth Symposium on High Perfor

Development of a Domain Specific Distributed Object-Store For Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Data

Slides from the presentation given at HPC-IODC: HPC I/O in the Data Center Workshop, ISC, Frankfurt, Germany, 28 June 2018.


Systemware Architecture & Usage Scenarios - NEXTGenIO Architecture White Paper

NEXTGenIO is developing a prototype high performance computing (HPC) and high performance data analytics (HPDA) system that integrates byte-addressable persistent memory (B-APM) into a standard compute cluster to provide greatly increased I/O performance for computational simulation and data anal