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NVRAM Data Storage - NEXTGenIO Systemware White Paper

Ramon Nou, Alberto Miranda, Toni Cortes, Alex Barcelo (BSC), Marcelo Cintra (Intel)

This White Paper discusses some of the software layers being developed to support and exploit NVDIMMs, from the driver to the OS and the applications. Those layers, collectively known as systemware, are the ones that can be used from the runtime system, schedulers and applications. In this document, we present the final software prototype of the different software layers, including the API that will be available to users. We have conducted tests on pre-release hardware to detect potential issues early.

The contents cover the following file systems:

  1. We present the final implementation of echofs, a node-local filesystem design to efficiently exploit NVDIMMS, with some performance numbers with available hardware.
  2. The different modes and final release of dataClay, an object store, including some performance numbers comparing SSDs (based on NAND) and Intel® Optane™ devices (based on 3D XPoint).
  3. A new storage option called GekkoFS created in collaboration with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). Partners in NEXTGenIO have implemented POSIX capabilities for this filesystem.
Supporting Documents: 
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