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This page will list of all NEXTGenIO’s publications as soon as they are available. Please check for updates regularly.

A Methodology for Performance Analysis of Applications Using Multi-layer I/O

This paper was accepted for the 24th International European Conference On Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2018) which will take place on August 27-31, in Turin.

NEXTGenIO newsletter issue 5 - ISC 2018

This issue of the newsletter contains features on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, and accepted papers.

Visualization of Multi-layer I/O Performance in Vampir

This paper was accepted for the 23rd International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments on the 32nd IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (HIPS 2018) which took place on May 21st, 2018 in Vancouver.

Exploiting the Performance Benefits of Storage Class Memory for HPC and HPDA Workflows

We are pleased to announce the recent open-access publication of this paper in the journal Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations.

How can applications benefit from NVRAM technology? Evaluation methodology and testing

This talk was given at the Glasgow Systems Seminar on Wednesday, 31st January 2018.

Project Deliverable 2.4 - The NEXTGenIO Architecture

NEXTGenIO is developing a prototype high performance computing (HPC) and high performance data analytics (HPDA) system that integrates a byte-addressable storage class memory (SCM) into a standard compute cluster to provide greatly increased I/O performance for computational simulation and data a

NEXTGenIO newsletter issue 4 - SC 2017

This issue of our biannual newsletter was distributed at SC17. It includes features on codesign applications and PyCOMPSs.

Using NVM Transparently with a Unified Filesystem

Ramon Nou from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre gave this talk at the joint NEXTGenIO-SAGE workshop at the 2017 European HPC Summit Week in Barcelona. 

Slides from this talk are available below.

echofs: Enabling Transparent Access to Node-local NVM Burst Buffers for Legacy Applications

Alberto Miranda from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre gave this talk at the Dagstuhl Seminar in May 2017.

Slides from the talk are available below. 

Einfach direkt

We are pleased to announce an article published in the German magazine iX. This article, which is about new memory technologies, was published in September 2017.

A link to this article is available below.