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This page will list of all NEXTGenIO’s publications as soon as they are available. Please check for updates regularly.

High Performance Computing Enabled Simulation of the Food-Water-Energy System: Simulation of Intensively Managed Landscapes

We are pleased to announce the publication of this paper, in the  Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing 2017 on Sustainability, Success and Impact (PEARC17). 

A Scalable Object Store for Meteorological and Climate Data - Video Presentation

Simon Smart from ECMWF presented the paper, 'A Scalable Object Store for Meteorological and Climate Data', at PASC 2017 in Lugano, Switzerland. 

The presentation was recorded and is available to view below.

A Scalable Object Store for Meteorological and Climate Data

This paper was presented at PASC 2017 and published in Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference (PASC) in June 2017. Both the paper and the presentation are available at the download links below.

NEXTGenIO Newsletter volume 3 - June 2017

The thirds issue of theNEXTGenIO project newletter is now available to view and download. If you missed our sessions at ISC, this is a great way to find out what we've been up to recently.


Kronos: Benchmarking HPC Systems with Realistic Workloads

This poster details the Kronos Workload Simulator developed by ECMWF. The workload simulator is a key part of the software package for the NEXTGenIO system. 

This poster can be viewed at the link below.

Analyzing I/O Performance on a NEXTGenIO Class System

Holger Brunst, of TUD, gave this presentation at the Lustre Users' Group meeting at Indiana University on 2nd June 2017.

I/O Profiling Towards the Exascale

This talk was given by Holger Brunst of project partner TU Dresden during the European HPC Summit Week in Barcelona, 15-19 May 2017.

Full slides are available below. 

Non-Volatile Memory for Next Generation I/O

Michele Weiland, NEXTGenIO Project Manager, gave this presentation at the 39th ORAP Forum on 28th March 2017 in Paris. 

Slides are available below. 

NEXTGenIO Performance Tools for In-Memory I/O

Holger Brunst of TUD gave this talk at the Understanding I/O Performance Workshop in Hamburg on 22nd March 2017. 

Slides from this presentation are available below. 

ECMWF's Next Generation IO for the IFS Model and Product Generation

Tago Quintino from ECMWF gave this talk during the 17th Workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorology held at ECMWF from 24 - 28 October 2016.

The slides from this talk are available below.