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This page will list of all NEXTGenIO’s publications as soon as they are available. Please check for updates regularly.

"Form Follows Function – Do Algorithms & Applications Challenge or Drag behind the Hardware Evolution?", ISC-HPC 2016

Mark Parsons represented the project at this workshop at ISC-HPC 2016, in conjunction with ExaHYPE. The abstract for the workshop was as follows:

BoF 16: Exascale I/O: Challenges, Innovations & Solutions, ISC-HPC 2016

Mark Parsons presented the project at this BoF session at ISC-HPC 2016 in Frankfurt. The session abstract was as follows:

BoF 15: Monitoring Large-Scale HPC Systems: Data Analytics & Insights

Mark Parsons presented the project at this BoF session at ISC-HPC 2016. The abstract of the session is below:

"Addressing the I/O bottleneck", ISC-HPC 2016

This talk, by Michele Weiland, was given at the Intel Collaboration Hub at ISC-HPC 2016 in Frankfurt. The talk outlines how the project is using the new 3D XPoint NVRAM technology to address the key issue of I/O bottlenecking in the design of a new system working towards Exascale computing. 

Intel EMEA HPC Roundtable Poster

This poster on NEXTGenIO was presented by Intel at the EMEA HPC Roundtable. The poster gives a general overview of the project's major objectives.

To view this poster, click the link below.

Intel Annual Report

Intel have produced an article on the project as part of their Annual Report. This gives an overview of the project and how it will revolutionise the computing sector.

To read the article, see the link below.

NEXTGenIO newsletter - Issue 1: May 2016

The first issue of our biannual newsletter is now available to read.

In this issue: A welcome to the project; an in-depth look at how we are creating new hardware architecture; a look ahead, and more!

EASC 2016 - Monitoring and evaluating I/O performance of HPC systems

This talk was presented at EASC 2016, the Exascale Applications & Software Conference. It concerns how the project's advances will affect I/O performance in future, and the current state of I/O.

The full presentation is linked below.

The Exascale I/O Challenge - Presentation at 4th ENES Workshop on HPC for Climate and Weather

Mark Parsons delivered this presentation at the 4th ENES Workshop in Toulouse, France, on 6th April 2016.

This talk concerns the challenges involved in reaching Exascale computing and how NEXTGenIO is working towards overcoming these challenges. 

ECMWF’s Next Generation IO for the IFS Model - Presentation at AMS

Starting 2014, ECMWF has embarked on a 10 year research programme on HPC Scalability, aiming to achieve Exascale numerical weather prediction systems by 2025. ECMWF operational forecast generates massive amounts of I/O over very short bursts, accumulating to tens of TB/day, from which millions of user-defined products are generated. Based on expected model resolution increases, by 2020 we estimate the operational model will output hundreds of TB/day and need to archive over a PB/day.